No Goldilocks

The Situation 

The customer approached more prominent manufacturers who were not interested in the small project. At Unity, we are less concerned about whether a project is too big or small. We are interested in working with customers to solve problems and get their parts done right. We don’t play Goldilocks and look for just the right-sized project. Good customers keep us going, plain and simple. 

The Challenge

How could Unity streamline the process to efficiently create five sizes of a single instrument? 

The Unity Solution

Unity was pleased to take on this customer’s projects, and from the start, we were committed to delivering excellence. We refined the print to function the way the customer needed, and we worked to find a process that would provide the desired finish while staying within budget. We even packaged and labeled the parts for the customer. Going above and beyond is just part of the way we do things. 


The customer was and continues to be pleased with our work. A project that was not of great interest to a more significant supplier has become an ongoing successful relationship. And no one had to eat any porridge.