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Over the past 40+ years, Unity Precision Manufacturing has become an integrated part of our local community in Dayton, Minnesota. We’re proud to support initiatives and events that positively impact our city, the surrounding area, and the state of Minnesota.

Live to Give

Live to Give is an annual Minnesota event organized to raise money and awareness for charitable causes that hold meaning to each contestant. Each season, Live to Give contestants raise money for a charity of their choice and are incentivized to increase cash by earning advantages during the game.

Unity Precision Manufacturing is an event sponsor and provides camera work support.

In 2021, our own Ryan Van Essen competed in Live to Give. He raised over $6,000 for Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies through the competition.

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Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies

Diane and Emily Van Essen, wife and daughter of Unity Precision Manufacturing’s Mike Van Essen, are two of the original founders and board members of the Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies, a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve infant health outcomes by ensuring that medically vulnerable babies. This organization provides access to safely pasteurized life-giving human donor milk when mother’s milk is unavailable or in low supply.

Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies is a Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) affiliated milk bank.

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Princeton Speedway

For many years Unity Precision Manufacturing has been an official sponsor of the Princeton Speedway. We’re proud to sponsor Erik Gruhlke’s IMCA Sport Mods race car, #47, in Zimmerman, Minnesota. Go, Erik!

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Pedal the Pacific

In 2019, Unity Precision Manufacturing’s founders Ron and Irene Van Essen sponsored their granddaughter, Christina Van Essen, in Pedal the Pacific. The annual 1,700-mile bike ride from Seattle to San Diego raises awareness about the injustices of domestic sex trafficking.

Pedal the Pacific is dedicated to raising advocates who believe that no voice is too small to make a difference. Christina rode and raised funds to support the Refuge Ranch in Austin, Texas, a place of healing and restoration for sex trafficking survivors.

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Stratasys COVID-19 Coalition

As an “Honor Roll” member of the Stratasys COVID-19 Coalition, Unity Precision Manufacturing joined a group of organizations to explore what healthcare providers needed most as they faced a growing number of COVID-19 patients and assessed what 3D printing would let us produce best. We moved forward to focus on face shields.

Unity Precision Manufacturing was honored to receive a Face Shield Plaque in recognition of our efforts in helping produce face shields for the healthcare heroes serving on the front lines to deliver medical care to those infected with the coronavirus. Collectively, the coalition gave over 100,000 face shields.

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Can Do Canines

Anyone who has stopped by our shop and met Bailey and Koda (our beloved golden retrievers) knows the Unity team shares a love of dogs. We happily accepted when the opportunity came knocking for us to get involved with Can Do Canines.

Unity Precision Manufacturing is a proud partner of Can Do Canines. It is the largest non-profit assistance dog training organization in Minnesota. They place specially-trained dogs with people who have disabilities such as Type I Diabetes, mobility challenges, seizure disorders, hearing loss, and childhood autism free of charge. The Unity team donates services, parts, and labor to support the Can Do Canines cause.

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Hennepin Technical College

Unity Precision Manufacturing is proud to partner with Hennepin Technical College. Quality technical education is one of the things that keeps the manufacturing industry alive and at the forefront of technology.

Unity Precision Manufacturing has donated over $250,000 worth of materials for student classes to do parts or class welding projects.

Mike Van Essen also serves on the Hennepin Technical College advisory board. In this role, he advises instructors and helps them work through specific program changes by giving insights into the present-day manufacturing industry and the shortfalls, hardships, and demands of the marketplace. Mike’s insights allow the students to enter the manufacturing marketplace more prepared and better understand.

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Rapids Archery Club

Mike Van Essen and several other Unity employees belong to the Rapids Archery Club in Andover, MN, the largest archery club in Minnesota. As dedicated members of the club, the Unity team gladly offers services and labor whenever the club needs help.

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Rockford High School

Unity Precision Manufacturing donated equipment and other materials to Rockford High School to introduce students to the manufacturing industry.

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