No order-or
spine surgery-too small

The Situation

Like many of our companies, this customer worked with multiple suppliers to produce their parts. Over time, one of their other suppliers determined that the small volume and tight timelines did not fit their business model. They quoted longer lead times and higher prices. When the customer approached Unity, we knew we could do better. 

The Challenge

How could Unity meet tight timelines and reduce manufacturing costs on a small recurring order? 

The Unity Solution

This customer came to us after being told by our competitor that they would no longer manufacture their parts. For us, the smaller volume was not a concern. 

Unity worked with their purchasing and engineering teams to determine how we could use innovation and collaboration to benefit the situation mutually. We identified areas where we could meet their timelines and help reduce manufacturing costs. 


In the end, we gained more business from this customer and developed a stronger working relationship based on honesty, fairness in pricing, and maintaining our quoted delivery dates. 

Customers large and small can count on Unity Precision Manufacturing to give them the attention, quality, and communication they deserve.