The Situation

A customer came to Unity wanting to switch manufacturers and get their parts delivered on time while staying within budget. One problem was that they did not have prints for their product. Time was ticking, and their seasonal product had to be produced immediately for that season’s sales. 

The Challenge

How could Unity reverse-engineer a part and begin immediately producing a seasonal product? 

The Unity Solution

Unity worked with the customer to create accurate prints for these products, allowing them the freedom to leave their current supplier, have interchangeable parts, and gain revision control over their pieces. 

As part of the print process, Unity adjusted the prints so that the pieces would fit without being over tolerance (which would make them more expensive to manufacture). Our pricing was within the customer’s range, so we got to work.  


Unity produced all parts to print, stayed within the price range, and delivered in time for the sensitive seasonal nature of the product. Unity fulfills these orders and has gained a valued customer through this process.